Feb. 08, 2022

HARRISBURG – Following the governor’s annual budget address today in Harrisburg, state Rep. Kurt Masser (R-Columbia/Montour/Northumberland) issued the following statement: 

“The governor proposed spending every dollar he possibly could this year because he won’t be here next year when the state runs out of money. I think the governor’s budget proposal plans to spend every loose quarter he can find in state government couch cushions and every bit of spare change in the cup holders of state vehicles.

“The House and Senate have been committed to adopting responsible state budgets that fund the core functions of state government while setting aside money for unforeseen events. I’ll continue to look for ways to reduce unnecessary spending while also investing in the future of Pennsylvania families and our economy. We need to adopt policies that enable Pennsylvanians to protect their families against COVID-19 while continuing to earn a living and put food on their tables.

“The governor’s budget proposal is only the first offer in a months-long negotiation process. We’ll dig into the details of his plan and look for areas where we can find common ground while also standing up for the principles of fiscal responsibility and protecting taxpayers.”

Representative Kurt A. Masser
107th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Dan Massing
RepMasser.com / Facebook.com/RepMasser